Home Decorating: Kid Friendly Decor

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If you are interested in decorating your home interior using kid friendly decor, here are some pointers to meet this goal. It isn’t necessary to make major changes in the way your home would be normally decorated. Slight changes are the name of the game in this type of decor. You shouldn’t feel as though you need to live in a home, which looks like romper room. You can live in a sophisticated household and still be kid friendly at the same time.

The first consideration is how you really live. Your home must be comfortable for everyone that lives there. This means an interior, which can withstand crayon on walls and food fights. Do you have pets whom also live inside? This should also be a consideration. Carpet is a negative when decorating for kids. Wooden or tiled floors are much easier to clean up than soaked carpet.

Kid Friendly Decor Wee Forest FolkAdding cute yet durable figurines to shelves and corner nooks is an easy way to decorate your home. Small figurines, like those from Wee Forest Folk can be placed almost anywhere.The figurine I received is called Doggie’s Dish. It’s incredibly cute with a mouse feeding a dog. The details in this figurine are amazing. From the detail on the dress, to the texture of the floor and the ball – it’s obvious a lot of thought went into making this.  

All figurines from Wee Forest Folk are hand sculpted from clay and carefully painted by one of 3 artists. I couldn’t begin to imagine the time it takes to sculpt or paint one of these; they are incredibly small! The price tag on the Wee Forest Folk figurines is a little high; Doggie’s Dish sells for $95. The time, thought and effort put into the creation of the Wee Forest Folk are a huge part of the price, I’m sure.

The figurines seem to be high quality. It hasn’t broken after many drops! One of the features I absolutely love with mine is the tail. Unlike the rest of the figurine, the tail is “real”. No, not a real mouse tail, but not sculpted in – it actually moves! Wee Forest Folk figurines are great for nature lovers and collectors, but I’m not sure the average person would be able to splurge on multiple figurines.Kid Friendly Decor Wee Forest FolkDon’t go by the misconception that you should wait to decorate once your child is older. Decorate now in a kid friendly way. Your child will grow up to appreciate beautiful decor and respect it. Incorporate a no-fuss look into the decor. This means comfortable and casual without frills. Avoid couch skirts and fabric covered tables. Vintage and contemporary designs with a weathered look are more likely to withstand the pressures of kids that things which are pristine and delicate.

Kids respond well to texture, colors, and patterns. Think about incorporating these factors into your choice of kid friendly decor. Choose finishes and materials, which are almost indestructible like wipeable paint and wipeable blinds instead of long drapes.  Fabrics with a flat weave work better than intricate delicate fabrics.  Think about incorporating areas where kids can play with accessories, which are kid sized.



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