April 19, 2014

Home Inspiration: Brighten a Living room

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I’ve been cursed with a small living room. Even worse our living room is surrounded by hideous wood paneling and ugly utility carpeting. John loves both (typical man, right?!) hence the reason we bought this house.

While looking for ideas on how to improve our living room I happened upon this room and was instantly inspired. 

Living Room home Inspiration

The room above is about the same size as our living room, so it should be totally doable, right?

Get the Look

The living room above is open and inviting, despite being smaller. The white and yellow color scheme opens the room and makes it appear larger. Wallpaper is a non-permanent solution to ugly walls.  Choosing wallpaper can be tricky, overwhelming and confusing depending on your experience level. A pre-pasted, ready to hang wallpaper, or the “Paste the Wall” paper like Graham & Brown, Inc. offers is a good option for beginners. 

Be sure to read this article with tips for hanging wallpaper.


The use of shelving reduces clutter while still adding personality, showing off photos and mementos. It’s also a great way to store video games, DVD’s and more. 

Adding decorative baskets & boxes to shelves is not only a great way to decorate for less, but it makes cleanup super quick and easy too! Just toss small toys, papers or odds and ends into the baskets when last-minute guests are coming.

Make your own decorative boxes, or grab some really cute baskets from Amazon.


The mounted TV removes the need for an entertainment center or TV stand – freeing up even more space. If you have a flat screen television, you can find a mount on Amazon. These are definitely affordable and hard to resist when they’re available for under $30!


area rug

The area rug and open coffee table placed between the seating adds a nice focal point to the room. Eyes are drawn to the center instead of the sides giving the illusion of a larger room.

Furniture is also kept to a minimum. There’s plenty of seating without overdoing it or invading on free space.


Opened curtains allow natural light to shine in and reflect off of the light color scheme. A strategically placed contemporary floor lamp gives light without taking up valuable space.


Notice how the majority of decorative items in this room are white or light-colored. It’s common fact that white and light colors make objects appear larger – the same applies to rooms. Stick to lightly colored decorative accents to add more space to your living room.

White picture frames, figurines & nick knacks are a great place to start. Add in some color by showcasing your book collection.


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