HEXBUG Nano Battling Warriors Review

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You already know how much we love HEXBUG‘S. They bring so many childhood passions together to form a non-stop fun toy. Exposed robotics and bugs are my boys dream come true. A recent addition to the HEXBUG battalion is the HEXBUG Nano Battling Warriors. These little bugs pack a huge punch – literally!HEXBUG Nano Battling Warriors

While the other HEXBUG critters are designed to interact with each other, the Battling Warriors are designed to battle. Equipped with customizable armor and a “drive” to survive the Battling Warriors are an excellent source of entertainment. 

Each of the HEXBUG Nano Battling Warriors includes a shock sensor that keeps track of “damage” taken. When they’re in Battle Mode their health is trackable via the LED health meter. It’s easy to tell who’s winning in Battle Mode because the health meter blinks red, yellow or green. The HEXBUG flashing green would have more health than those flashing yellow or red. Once a Battling Warrior has run out of healthy they stop functioning. If it’s a 1 on 1 match you’ll announce the winner; if there are more than 2 battling you wait until only 1 HEXBUG is standing/crawling. That’s the rules my son came up with at least. HEXBUG Nano Battling Warriors

There’s also the ability to battle in Training Mode. There is no health to monitor in training mode. This mode is perfect for getting to know your HEXBUG and its abilities. 

The biggest attraction for the kids seems to be the customizable armor. Each HEXBUG nano Battling Warrior comes with its own set of battle gear. That gear may be removed or repositioned however you like. You can even switch out the armor from HEXBUG to HEXBUG. This makes for extra special, personalized play.HEXBUG Nano Battling Warriors

HEXBUG Nano Battling Warriors are best used in the Battle Stadium or Battle Arena. We didn’t have either of this at the time of this review, so we used a battling top stadium. While not as cool as the zig-zagging HEXBUG stadium or arena, this kept them moving and battling until only 1 remained. 

While these are designed for battle, they’re incredibly durable. There’s no cosmetic damage done to these while they battle so they’ll last for a long time. The kids have been having a blast playing with these and challenging each other after the customize the battle gear.HEXBUG Nano Battling Warriors

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I can fully recommend the HEXBUG Nano Battling Warriors to any parent with kids 4+. You can get your own Battling Warriors directly from HEXBUG website. Also, be sure to connect with HEXBUG on Facebook and Twitter!


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