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Throughout my sons 5 years of school we’ve had many problems, unresolved issues and tons of tears. It’s so hard to send him to school some days, especially when he begs me not to. Beyond the tears and heartache, however is one shining star. One glimmer of happiness on Wednesday mornings. He knows Wednesday means Art Day and that’s his favorite class.

Dameon has always been a highly creative and imaginative child. He loves to draw, paint, build and sculpt and he’s pretty good at it too. The previous 4 years in school he’s always enjoyed art day but not like this school year. This school year his teacher, Ms. Gilfoyle, matches him in enthusiasm. She encourages him to express himself however he likes and brings out creativity I’ve never seen in him.

Blick Art Room Aid: Save the Art ProgramsI think I’m as excited as Art Day as my son is because when he brings home a project he’s so happy and excited to share it. From the smallest paper snowflakes to the huge Papier-mâché dinosaur, every time he brings home a creation I see that light in his eye. If it weren’t for his art class and Ms. Gilfoyle I don’t think school would be as tolerable for him. 

It breaks my heart to know so many Art Programs nationwide are struggling to stay intact. The funding just isn’t there so many art teachers have to go into their own pockets to supply their classes with material. For a program that does so much for our children to go neglected is incredibly sad. But thankfully there are companies like Blick who understand and appreciate the importance of these art programs.

Blick Art Materials is helping art classrooms and teachers nationwide to get support from parents, families and communities. They’re doing this through the Art Room Aid program. This programs goal is to ensure the art programs stay alive and that the classrooms have the materials they need to strive. 

I’d love it if you joined The Motherhood on Wednesday January 16 at 2pm EST for a Twitter party with Blick. You’ll learn more about the Art Room Aid program and how you can help support your art teachers. You’ll also find amazing sources of inspiration and projects you can do with your kids.

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Here are the Blick Twitter Party details:

What: Do you believe art is an essential part of your child’s education? Then you already know how important art education is — and how schools are struggling to keep their art programs alive. That’s where Art Room Aid can help! A program of Blick Art Materials, Art Room Aid is helping teachers across the country enlist the aid of parents, families, friends, and other art advocates to fund their art projects and keep creative learning going.   

Want to learn more? Join this Twitter Party to find out how you can support art education, make sure art continues to play a role in your children’s lives, and spread the word about Art Room Aid in your community. We’ll be discussing projects you can do with your own kids, and sharing sources of inspiration. 

When: Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2 p.m. ET

Where: We’ll be on Twitter – follow the #BlickARA hashtag to track the conversation. See this Twtvite for more info and to RSVP:

Hashtag: #BlickARA

Prizes: We will give away five total prizes – two $25 Blick gift coupons, two $50 Blick gift coupons, and one $75 Blick gift coupon.

Hosts: @theMotherhood, @CooperMunroe, @EmilyMcKhann

Check out Art Room Aid here:

Blick Art Materials website:


Disclosure: I am participating in a compensated campaign for Blick and Art Room Aid with The Motherhood.  All opinions are my own.


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    Art does wonders for some children….most all children, in fact! And it can be used to teach so many things. It is sad that so many programs are being cut. :(

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    I think art is so important in schools. I have a wall full of really cool creations that my son made in art class, and I look forward to seeing what else he brings home. Hey, it’s a lot cheaper than buying fancy art for my walls, and more meaningful to me too.


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