5 Tips to Stick to Your Resolutions

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[tps_header]Pretty much everyone makes a New Years resolution; even if that resolution is to not make a resolution – ironic, right? Did you know that almost 78% of resolutions made in the New Year fail? That’s a scary number and I’m not telling you that to encourage you to give up. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. I want to teach you how to stick to your resolutions and make the coming year one you can enjoy and be proud of. [/tps_header]

Be Patient

People give up on their resolution to lose weight, quit smoking, eat healthier etc… for many reasons. One reason is patience, or lack thereof. 

Say you resolve to lose 3o pounds. You want that weight off ASAP, but it doesn’t work like that. Sure you can crash diet or use some other unhealthy method, but that wont keep the weight off. 

New Years Resolution - PatienceStay patient, and understand change takes time. Just because you don’t see results within a day, a week or even a month doesn’t mean change isn’t happening. Try meditation or take a spa day – reduce the stress and remember to breathe!


  1. Rita O'Neal says

    I love the “Let’s Get Real{istic}” and the “Friends.” Those are the two big ones for me. Support is important. In the past, I have had a habit of setting crazy big goals. It’s good to be realistic with smaller, in reach goals.

  2. Monique says

    These are great tips! Going to share them with all of the friends who made resolutions, I didn’t bother, hahaha!

  3. says

    wow! 78% is a high percentage for a #fail in New Year’s resolutions! I WILL keep mine this year. Thanks for your list of tips. They’ll help!


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