Malmark Holiday Bells

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I still remember the first time I held the bells. I couldn’t get over how much heavier they felt in my hands than I had imagined.  Something so small, with so much weight really surprised me as a child.  With my kids being homeschooled I worry that they will miss out on important memories like that.  Then I am reminded that even many public school children will not experience them because many music programs have already been cut from the budgets. Who has the money to fund a bell choir when they can barely afford to keep teachers?

Malmark Holiday Bell Review

How will the children play the bells? 

How will children experience the wonder and joy of the Malmark bells if they are not accessible to them?  I think the first step is to introduce them to a “real” bell.  Even if it is only a decorative one.  I realize the bell I received isn’t the same, however, it provides my children with the same experience of…

…how can something so small, be so heavy?

The tone is so beautiful. See how the vibration continues the sound long after the chime has ended?

What will happen when I set it down and the vibration is disrupted?

Do different holding positions of the bell, change the result of the ringing?

Quick Links for Parents & Educators:

Malmark Holiday Bell

I received a beautiful Malmark Holiday Bell to enjoy this Christmas. It has red flowers adorned on the top like a tiny wreath.  It is very beautiful:

100% bronze bells are machine lathed, hand assembled and polished, to bring you a truly one-of-a-kind item to make your special day unique.

My kids were rather fascinated with it,  like I thought they would be. Jillian and my dog, Izzy, liked it the best.  Izzy ran over to inspect it and sits rights next to me when I ring her.  Now that I am finished playing with our bell, I have her (yes, I refer to our bell as “her”) placed upon a shelf for display…waiting until someone else spots her and decides to give her a ring.


Please visit Malmark for more information on their holiday collection.


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