My 1story: Jack and the Magic Beans

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My girls love fairy tales, most little girls do.  My daughter Jackie is a little more sensitive than some children. I never understood why she didn’t like some of the more popular stories until I learned of My 1Story.  It really made me consider them in a different light.  You see, My 1Story is a series of fairy tale books and accessories that focus on telling the story without scaring the child.  For example: 

In the book, Jack and the Magic Beans, Beanie is a child Giant who says “Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, we love to have fun!” this is in lieu of the traditional saying “…. I smell the blood of an Englishman.” Can you imagine how scary the traditional version of this story must be for a little one? The thought of cannibalism at bedtime… not exactly the making of “sweet dreams”.

Sneak a peek into Jack and the Magic Beans

Jagger and I haven’t made it all the way through the telling of this book together.  His attention span, even at bedtime, is very limited.  On the other hand, Jackie, my seven year-old, really enjoys the book.  She is a book junkie who is known for having me read twenty-plus books to her daily. She says:

“I really like the illustrations and the story.  I like that Beanie has Goosy as a lovee like I have my animals.  I think it would be fun to  climb a beanstalk.”

Another great aspect of this series is they have a coordinating line of plush toys.  We love this plush.  Beanie is  hugable and almost like a small pillow.  He is perfect for little ones because each section of him is made from a fabric of a different texture.  I can imagine young children with sensory or vision disabilities would greatly benefit from this. (I encourage the developing company to consider teaming with a charity for those causes in the future.)

Here is a picture of baby Jillian with Beanie to give you an idea of the relative size:

My family is excited for more from My1story. Jackie has her heart set on Goldie and the Teddy Bears once it becomes available. She thinks this one will be her favorite based upon what she has seen on their interactive website.  Stop by and let your children play the games, listen to the stories, or watch a video and see what their favorite might be.

Please visit Amazon for purchase information.


Are you excited?  We are because we are giving away one My1Story book or plush of the winner’s choice. The choice will be between My1story – I Love Cake! (Lil’ Riding Hood & Wolfie), Lil’ Riding Hood Plush, My1story – Jack and the Magic Beans (Jack’s Beanstalks), or Beanie Plush.  Enter today using the Rafflecopter form below.

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  1. Sherrie C. says

    My granddaughter and I love the games, especially Humpty’s Flying Adventure & Little Red Riding Hood!


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