Kodiak Cakes- Frontier Flapjack and Waffle Mix

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I am not a “mix” kind of girl but my oldest daughter begged me to try Kodiak Cakes Frontier Flapjack & Waffle Mix from Baker Mills… so I did.  When I received our package I immediately read the instructions…

one cup mix

one cup water

So,  not only am I not a “mix” person but “water”? Really?  If I had received them for any other purpose than to review, I never would have made this mix according to the instructions… I would have used milk. But since this was a review, I wanted to at least try preparing them according to the package instructions.

There is a slight difference in the color between the two types of mix; Whole Wheat, Oat & Honey is slightly darker than the Buttermilk & Honey variety. (I don’t think my camera was able to capture that for you- my shadow was cast over the Buttermilk & Honey bowl)

Once I added the water the batter appeared a little watery to me.  Again, I forced myself not to make any adjustments so I can review the final product based off of their directions. 

After several failed attempts to get my waffle iron to work, I decided to stick with flapjacks.  The directions called for 1/4 cup of batter to be used per flapjack, however, I started making mine with 1/2 cup because they were too small. I would have been flipping flapjacks all night trying to make enough for my bunch at that rate!

I prepared three plates of flapjacks for my family to try…

The plate to the left holds the Whole Wheat, Oat and Honey, to the right is the Buttermilk & Honey variety.  The purple plate in the middle is the mystery pile.  Because I knew my bunch would immediately want the Buttermilk & Honey instead of the Whole Wheat, Oat & Honey, I started a mystery pile to see if they could tell the difference between which type they had.

My children couldn’t tell me which type they had.  My husband and I could determine which flapjack we were eating; the Buttermilk & Honey was slightly sweeter.

What did we think?

Everyone enjoyed their flapjacks with little discussion and no complaint – they ate all of them! The kids consumed second or third helpings.

I was surprised that I was able to prepare them according to the package directions and I didn’t need to modify it – they were great, prepared just the way the box said to make them… with water! 

*I will admit that the second time I made them, I tried to add a little more mix to make the batter thicker.. I didn’t like it.  I went back to the original directions after one flapjack.  (A recipe I don’t need to modify –  imagine that!)

 “Restoring the Flapjack Tradition”

My son found the back of the boxes entertaining – sort-of like the back of a cereal box. The back tells the story of flapjacks and the tradition.  It also tells that there IS a difference between a pancake and a flapjack..

“Today, few people even know that the frontier flapjack and the ordinary pancake are not the same. Many are now discovering for the first time that the original flapjack tastes a whole lot better than the lifeless creations that commonly pass for pancakes these days. At Baker Mills, we set out to restore the flapjack tradition. In the process, we soon realized we had to get serious about ingredients – real taste and real nutrition demand real ingredients.

What do they mean by…

…”real taste and real nutrition demand real ingredients.” This means when you read the ingredients list, you can understand it! There is no added fat, cholesterol, sugar, or preservatives…  yet it is still delicious!

My Recommendations..

I think these Flapjack and Waffle mixes from Baker Mills would be a great gift for a foodie friend or relative.  If you are spending the holiday’s at another family member’s home, it would be a great gift to bring along and enjoy while you are there. Maybe even a great idea to take with you and prepare for your host one morning during your stay – you don’t have to worry about them having everything you need when you just have to add water!

Ready to go  camping? Just adding water means they are easily transported and even easier to prepare!

Please visit Baker Mills for more information.

*Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary Kodiak Cakes Frontier Flapjack and Waffle Mix for the purpose of facilitating my review. No monetary compensation was given. All opinions expressed herein are unbiased and not influenced by the developing company or its affiliates in any way.*

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