Coolibar ZnO Sun Wrap

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It’s hard to forget the sunblock and UV protective clothes during summer. The suns shining bright and you can’t help but notice it. But what about during the non-summer seasons? Are you thinking about sun safety as often, or as much for that matter? Chances are you’re not, but you should be.

Just because you’re not hitting the beach or running around in a tank top and shorts UV rays can still affect you. Anytime you’re in the sun you’re risking exposure to harmful UV rays, so staying protected is vital all year round. Getting in the habit of applying skin products with a minimum of SPF 15 (3o for longer sun exposure) daily is one way to protect your skin.

Another way to stay protected is by shopping for clothes that have their own UPF. 

Coolibar is a clothing company that is dedicated to providing year round fashionable sun protection for everyone. Coolilbar’s clothing is made with their special SUNTECT® brand fabrics that have a guaranteed UPF of 50+ for the lifetime of the garment.

Coolibar ZnO Sun WrapI received the Coolibar ZnO Sun Wrap to try out and since receiving it I can honestly say I’m loving it. Since the weather has started to cool off I need a little extra cover, and with this I’m not only getting that but I’m staying protected as well. I find myself reaching for it whether I’m spending the day at the park or just going to the grocery store.

My first impression of the Coolibar ZnO Sun Wrap was that it was amazingly soft. It felt like something I’d like to sleep on, haha. Putting it on I noticed how lightweight it was, and how flattering the fit was. I received the Coolibar ZnO Sun Wrap in “Beach Hut”, which looks to be a heather grey color. I’m able to wear it with any outfit and still look great! I also love the layering capabilities of this wrap. Once the weather cools off even more I can still wear the wrap under a heavier jacket.

Shop and Connect with Coolibar

Coolibar doesn’t just offer stylish sun protection for women; they also offer clothing for men and children. Tops, Pants, hats, glasses – if you can wear it, it can protect you if it comes from Coolibar!

Head over to Coolibar and check out their huge selection of UPF 50+ clothing and accessories. You can also connect with Coolibar on Facebook and Twitter.

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