K’NEX Angry Birds Hammin’ Around Building Set

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A few months back I told you about the fun my son had been having with his new K’NEX sets. Well, we just got some new sets in the mail and they’re even better than the last! This time we received the Angry Birds Hammin’ Around set, Toad and Standard Kart Building Set and the Donkey Kong and Standard Kart Set.

I wish you could have seen my sons face when he saw what was in the box!


Normally he rips right into new toys, but this time he couldn’t decide what he wanted to do first. Since he was 3 he’s been a Mario fan and just this past year he’s become a tad obsessed with Angry Birds. Toss those together with a building set and the boy is in paradise.



Standard Kart Building Sets

He wanted to assemble the Kart sets and play with them first, so that’s what we did. He tore into the Toad Standard  Kart set first and immediately started to put it together. It was amazingly quick and easy for him to put this and the Donkey Kong Standard Kart Set together. The directions were easy to follow (all pictures) and finding the pieces wasn’t a problem.

Toad K'NEX Standard Kart Building Sets

Toad and Standard Kart Building Set includes:

  • Pull back motorized action
  • 66 parts
  • Spiked blue shell item
  • Re-usable ramp package

Donkey Kong and Standard Kart Set includes:

  • Pull back motorized action
  • 65+ parts
  • Blooper item
  • Re-usable ramp package
Donkey Kong K'NEX Standard Kart Building Sets
The ramp was a huge hit; it allowed each “racer” to have their own strip of road and added to the appeal. Each character comes with removable legs that allows them to sit in the cart or stand up in victory.

After they were each assembled it was time to play! This is the reason I love K’NEX; unlike other building sets that require just an imagination – these are functional. These are pull-back Karts that really move. We had a blast playing and racing these. Both Toad and Donkey Kong have a “companion” that fits onto their Kart

Angry Birds Hammin’ Around Building Set

Angry Birds Hammin' Around K'NEX Building Set

I don’t know what it is, but my kids are obsessed with Angry Birds. They’re always begging to use one of our phones so they can play; my son even had an Angry Birds themed birthday party. This K’NEX building set was a hit from the start since it was based on Angry Birds.

Again, my son assembled this by himself, without needing any help (a huge bonus) and it didn’t take much time at all; maybe 20 minutes from start to finish. The Angry Birds Hammin’ Around Building Set is based on the Build and destroy level from Angry Birds and comes with:

  • Red Bird
  • Orange Bird
  • King Pig, Small Minion Pig, and Medium Minion Pig
  • Working launcher just like the game
  • Enough parts to build and knock down
  • Bonus Ham

The Angry Birds Hammin‘ Around Building Set brings the popular mobile game to life, literally, in a live action play setting. All 3 kids enjoyed launching the birds at the pigs and knocking them down. The best part about this building set is that you can rebuild it and do it all over for hours of endless fun! They’ve created a few different “scenes” so they can change it up a bit.

King Pig and his minions don’t stand a chance when it comes to my kids joining forces with the Angry Birds!

Angry Birds Hammin' Around K'NEX Building Set

I love the sense of satisfaction my kids get from putting their K’NEX Building Sets together themselves. They don’t need to ask for help, which allows them to build up a sense of self confidence. The fact they can play with their creation afterwards just seals the deal, we love K’NEX!

You can get any of these building sets, and even more, from the K’NEX website, check it out! Be sure to also like K’NEX on Facebook for deals, creation ideas and more.


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