Having Fun with Wikki Stix

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My bunch has had so much fun playing with Wikki Stix the past couple of days.  These reusable, bendable, little sticks of yarn and non-toxic wax has started quite a creative fest!  I had no idea they would love them so much…

Wikki Stix

When we received our package, I immediately wanted to try them out.  The first surface I found was my refrigerator. After  a few minutes of playing around, I put the word “Food” up there.  Afterwards I thought, hummm… we could make a game out of this.  So, I called in one of my kids to see if they could change my word with only changing one letter. The next word that came up was “Fool”.. that quickly changed to “Cool”.. and so on, and so on.  Our family game of Fridge Words was born and we have been playing it every day.

Wikki Stix

Fridge Words Rules:

  1. Each player can only make one change at a time;
  2. Players can only change one letter per turn;
  3. Players cannot scramble or relocate letters to another portion of the word.

Even after DAYS of playing, our same Wikki Stix are still in use on our Fridge.  The word has changed, dozens of times, and they still stick!

Up next, my kids wanted in on the action.  Mommy’s playtime was over and they wanted to create too.  All four of them gathered around the table and poured over the idea books and brochures that came with our Big Box.  I allowed our resident artist to decorate our box (see picture above), my boys both opted to create on paper, and my youngest daughter wanted to try something on a paper bag.

Wikki Stix

Take a look at their creations:

Wikki Stix

Wikki StixWikki StixWikki Stix

My youngest started to throw Wikki Stix all over the dining room so I decided on another game with him…Pick Up Stix!  I had him pick up and hand me all of his Wikki Stix he tossed all over the floor.  I brought him into the living room and I handed them back to him, one at a time, to stick on the TV.  It kept him busy, happy, and out-of-the-way of the bigger bunch while they created.

It was actually very interesting and educational for him too.  With each Wikki Stix I handed him, I told him the color and he tried to repeat it. When one would fall off, I would tell him to “pick up the ___ one”.  He would shake his head and say “Oh [color name in best 2-year-old voice]”.

Wikki Stix

Thoughts & Recommendations:

I love them!  I am thrilled that they are reusable. When my kids are bored with one look of the page, they can pull them up and start over – anytime they want!  Very quickly we were able to think of a variety of ways they can be used – even educationally!

Overall, I think they are a real hit and a great craft supply to have.

MADE IN THE USA! (I always have to emphasize a product I review that is made here at home because it makes me smile)

Halloween will be here soon…

Did you know that you can order Wikki Stix packs for your trick-or-treat gifts?  They offer two types of Halloween Packs.  One is specifically for Trick-or-Treating Gifts, and the other option is a single pack that is a great gift for your own children’s enjoyment.  Stop by Wikki Stix and see all of the options they have available – you will be amazed!

DenSchool is hosting a Wikki Stix Giveaway until October 15th.  Five winners will receive Trick or Treat Paks from Wikki Stix for Halloween!

Wikki Stix

*Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary Big Box of Wikki Stix for the purpose of facilitating my review. No monetary compensation was given. All opinions expressed herein are unbiased and not influenced by the developing company or its affiliates in any way.*


  1. Amber Schambach says

    Cool! Just read your article and they sound fun for the kids and mess free. Never heard them before, but if they’re in stores before christmas I know what my favourite art-loving cousins will be getting. Thanks for the great review!

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