25 Halloween Treats

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There’s so much more to Halloween treats than what you get from Trick-or-Treating.  This is the time of the year you can make gross, disgusting creations and not have everyone look at you like you’ve lost it. These 25 Halloween Treats are a great starting point for putting smiles on little faces and getting a few screams as well.

DIY Halloween Food

Here’s a compilation of 25 Halloween treats, everything from cakes & cookies to veggies & meats. Enjoy!

  1. Black & Orange Topsy Turvy Cake
  2. Graveyard Cake
  3. Halloween Rainbow Party Bundt Cake
  4. Grave Intentions Cake
  5. Bewitching Perfectly Poisonous Parfaits
  6. Candy Corn Macaron
  7. Halloween Push Pop Peeps
  8. Halloween Cup Cakes
  9. Halloween Candy Bark S’mores
  10. Bat Wings
  11. Eyeball Truffles
  12. Bloody Band-Aid Cookies
  13. Dessert Rat
  14. Halloween Cocktails
  15. Frankenstein’s Fingers & Sheeps Eyes 
  16. Mummy Pizza
  17. Graveyard Pudding Parfaits
  18. Halloween Witchy Fingers
  19. Frozen Chocolate Banana Ghosts
  20. Halloween Olive Snake
  21. Trix Krispies
  22. Monster Mash Mix
  23. Ghost Cakes
  24. Creepy Fun Cupcakes!
  25. Black Cat Snack Cakes



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