TinyLove Gymini – My Nature Pals Review

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I was beyond excited to see our My Nature Pals Gymini arrive.  Believe it or not, four kids in, I have never owned a floor gym!  I could never talk my husband into the expense. He thinks a few toys on the floor with a colorful blanket is all you need (boo).  You should have seen my huge grin when he arrived home from work to find Jagger and I playing with this gym on the floor! I had the biggest “look what I’ve got” smile and he knew he was in trouble.

It was really rather cute, remember, Jagger hasn’t had one of these either.  When my husband sat down, Jagger showed him all of the toys, laid underneath it, and played peek-a-boo behind the mirror.  (I’m still grinning at this point and trying very hard not to laugh with the “I was right and you know it!” tone)

All silliness aside, I am in love with it.  Not just because I have always wanted one, but because I am glad I didn’t get one in the past.  There would be no way it could compare to this.  With each passing child, products keep getting better – longer use, compact storage options, and more play possibilities.  This gym is no exception.

The first thing I noticed about it is that Jagger won’t let me set it up because he thinks it is a play blanket for him.  While I read the directions, I allowed him to roll around all he wanted.

While he was there, he pointed out the extra toy hooks, the crinkling fabric on the squirrel and snail’s tale, and the squeaker inside of the frog.  He was having fun already and I hadn’t even started putting on the good stuff.

Jagger’s favorite feature of the entire thing is the squeaky frog on the blanket!  He was still amazed with it even after the assembly was complete.  He jumps on it to make it squeak and he taps it with his hands – the littlest feature, makes him happy.

The snaps on the bottom of each arch are wonderful.  I was able to easily put this together, even with Jagger “helping” me the entire time!  Honestly, I expected them to come out, and me need to remove him from the room before I could successfully assemble everything – but the snaps saved me! (When was the last time you successfully assembled a toy with help from a two year old?)

The arches… I can’t say enough how much I am amazed by them!  What a clever design! If you go back up to the video I included, you can see how they slide forward, and back, to allow for different play positions and ease for placing your little one underneath them!  Example:  Slide the green arch to one side on the colorful one and you can place your baby directly on the blanket with ease.  After she is in the desired location you can move it back or leave it – whichever you prefer. (truly, watch the video, it takes seconds and it is wonderful!)

As you can tell, Jagger loves the toys.   There are two smaller rattles, two hanging animals, a large mirror, and the take-along caterpillar.  They can be moved to any of the additional hooks on the blanket or the arches.  You could also leave them off the hooks if your little one prefers.

Jagger’s attention is mostly on the animals and caterpillar.  He likes the music, lights, and sounds provided from the caterpillar. He prefers to hold it, but is also pleased when it is attached to any of the hooks.

The caterpillar has two volume levels, along with continuous or movement activated settings.  The continuous sound option is recommended for infants unable to purposely touch the toy and comprehend their action causes a reaction.

For Mommy:

The fabric of the blanket is easy to wipe clean for small messes but can be placed in the gentle cycle when necessary. (Hand washing is the preferred method by the manufacturer.)  Unless it is used excessively, I don’t see where anything more than spot cleaning would be necessary.

I like that the fabric is neutral for a boy or a girl. This allows for even longer use if you are not certain on the number of children you plan to have.  Right now Jagger is enjoying this, but in a few short weeks baby Jillian will be.  (*See update pictures below)

Biggest plus… it folds completely for storage without having to disassemble!  Just fold the blanket and snap the sides together – easy!

Please visit TinyLove for more information on this gymini or the many others they have available. You can also purchase yours at Amazon.com.

*Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary My Nature Pals Gymini from TinyLove for the purpose of facilitating my review. No monetary compensation was given. All opinions expressed herein are unbiased and not influenced by the developing company or its affiliates in any way.*


  1. Natalie says

    I love the idea of this mini gym is really good for the kids they won hurt while playing the color combination also I really like it..

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