HEXBUG’s Rock!

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HexbugI will shamefully admit I’m late to the HEXBUG craze. I heard about them around Christmas time but they sounded kind of creepy for someone like me (creeped out by anything with more than 4 legs.) I wasn’t sure what they were or what the hype was about so recently I decided it may be time to introduce my son to them.

What are HEXBUG’s ?

If you’re fashionably late to the party like I was then let me first say this is a train you want to jump on immediately if you have young kids. HEXBUG’s are robotic creatures fashioned after well known bugs and crustaceans (ants, spiders, crabs, scarabs, larva, inchworms etc…) They’re designed to provide a child friendly robotics experience and that they do. The HEXBUG’s have amazingly similar attributes to their real life counterparts; so much so that they give me chills! The movement and design of the bugs are created so to mimic the bugs they’re crafted after.

What do we think of HEXBUG’s?

For this review I requested the Scarab and Spider – I knew my son would love these, especially the spider since he could (and does) torture me with it.

Scarab Spider

We broke out the Scarab first and as soon as we turned him on we were laughing and running around. This little guy moves incredibly fast and the neatest aspect of the Scarab is he’ll flip himself over when he’s on his back. Another amazingly awesome feature is when the Scarab is blocked; he’ll jump back and scurry off in another direction – just like a real bug! I think this is my favorite of the 2 we received; it’s too cute to watch him move.


The Spider was my sons personal favorite although I’m not sure if that’s because it’s so cool or because he loves to torture me since I have horrible arachnophobia. It was much bigger than I had expected it to be and it comes with a remote so you can control it. This was awesome for my son because he loves anything RC or robotic so when you combine the 2 you get one happy Boogie! The Spiders segmented body lets him easily go in any direction. It’s so neat watching his upper body turn while his legs move.


We are really loving our HEXBUG and trying to decide on which ones to get next. I’m so glad we finally hopped on the HEXBUG train and will definitely keep you posted on the others we try out.

Where can you get HEXBUG’s?

Ready to join the rest of the HEXBUG lovers club? You can get your HEXBUG’s from the HexBug website, http://www.hexbug.com. Be warned – there are so many awesome bugs deciding on which ones to get can be tough! You can stay informed on new HEXBUG’s, sales and more by liking HEXBUG on Facebook and following them on Twitter.


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