Peeps Easter Basket

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Tonight my son and I made a HUGE mess in the kitchen and had a blast! We were trying to decide what to make and since we had a ton of peeps we thought it would be fun to make a Peeps Easter Basket. It was easy and messy and looking at it makes my teeth ache! Here’s what we did:

We made a boxed cake using the bundt pan. Then we iced it with store bought chocolate icing. THEN we mixed up some fun colors with my homemade cream cheese icing and gel food coloring. We decorated the already iced cake with more icing and then stuck peeps on the sides. We didn’t bother tearing them apart, we just alternated 4 blue, 4 pink until we’d used the 2 boxes of peeps.

We dyed some coconut green and poured hot fudge sauce in the center of the bundt cake. Then we stuffed the center of the bundt cake with the coconut and sat “Robin’s Eggs” on top. We used a strip of yellow wicker for the handle and that was it.

Thank goodness Spring Break started today because I don’t think the boy will sleep at all after eating a piece of this Peeps Easter Basket!


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