Food Lion Gets a Makeover Plus Gift Card Give Away

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Living in such a rural area our grocery store options are very limited. For some that would mean only having 4 or 5 grocery stores to choose from; for me it means having only 2. That’s right we have 2 grocery stores to choose from when shopping and luckily for me one of those is Food Lion. This is where I do all of our grocery shopping and I was so excited when I saw the new makeover/facelift. Let’s take a look at what’s changed, shall we?

kiddie carts

Food Lion has brand new carts. This was such a relief since every time I go shopping I end up with a wobbly and annoyingly loud cart. It was smooth sailing this time! The race car carts are amazing! These are genius and will definitely keep little ones entertained while you’re doing your shopping. Vroom Vroom instead of whining and tantrums? No more screaming kids begging for every little item in the store? Um yea! Another cart change was the mini carts. These are perfect for when you’re just picking up a few things but don’t want to lug around a heavy basket. Truly a time and back saver.


Walking into Food Lion I immediately noticed the new checkout lines. They were closed in! Not only that but there seemed to be a lot more space and that seems more inviting to me.


I always head to the produce area first, it’s my favorite part of the store! I love this set up – it reminds me of the Farmer’s Market and the baskets are a very nice touch. I love the inviting appeal of this produce layout and definitely prefer it over the old plastic bins with wire separators.


The wheeled wagon look is a huge plus. It makes me feel like the produce is fresh and “ready for the pickin’!”

my essentials

Another big difference I noticed were the my essentials banners. The prices on the my essentials brands are lower than the other brands, and this is the new “Food Lion” brand. Tons of savings? Yes please!

new signs

What I found to be the most visibly appealing change is the new signs over the various departments. They “pop” and invite you over to shop. The signs are a big step up from the old banners and I love them!

Comparison Shopping

We were given a challenge for our grocery shopping – how much could we get for $150? The answer? A LOT! I managed to get everything I needed to do my pre-Cinco de Mayo recipes and 2 weeks worth of groceries. Dameon helped me do some comparison shopping, and we were on a mission to find the best savings.

chicken comparison

Like I said – we bought enough groceries for me to do 5 Cinco de Mayo recipes as well as feed a family of 4 for 2 weeks (breakfast, lunch and dinner!) One of the best purchases was chicken breast. I use a lot of chicken in many recipes, including 3 of my Cinco de Mayo recipes, so this was really huge. $2.00 difference between the competitor and my essentials. We stocked up and got a few of the chicken tenders as well.

rice comparison

Another big saving was rice. Same size, same amount – $0.44 difference! my savings makes a huge difference for me. I’d love to be able to clip coupons all day, but I just don’t have the time. my savings ensures you’re getting the most savings – coupons or not and that’s why I love the new brand; my new shopping mission is looking for the sun!

I was already happy with the huge selection and great savings at our Food Lion, but since the new changes have come I am completely in love! The new makeover tells me that Food Lion wants their customers to be happy and feel comfortable while shopping. From the eye-catching appeal to the fun race car carts they’ve made shopping enjoyable instead of tedious. Thank you Food Lion!!

Have you checked out your local Food Lion lately? We’re giving one of you a $50 Food Lion Gift Card so you can check it out and see just how far that $50 will take you (you’ll be amazed!)

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central for Food Lion. I received a gift card and product kit to facilitate my review.


  1. Lynn says

    I love the produce department it’s so inviting, everything is neat well organized and most of all CLEAN, I love the changes especially now that you can see a lot of the produce along the walls now instead of stuck in corners and nooks. I no longer have to ask where anything is. The new floors and the wagons are simply sweet and nice. I have been buying my essentials milk for some time now & I can’t tell any difference in it compared to the Food Lion brand except for the price, I actually helped an elderly lady one day, she was trying to find some milk which was cheaper that she could aford, I pointed out the my essentials brand & told her it was very good, it held up just as good as the Food Lion brand and the cost was lower, she thanked me and got that brand. I’m glad Food Lion has more my essentials in a lot of their others products as well. Food Lion is the only Grocery Store I like & and is where I do my shopping and the best part is its only about 8 to 10 mins. from my home.

  2. barbara mccallum says

    reduced meat is a hit WHEN the butcher is around….sometimes he is nowhere to be seen,…..bummer

  3. Melinda says

    We moved here from MI and we felt lost, we missed the at home feel we had in our small town grocery. We went to our local Food Lion and everyone made us feel welcome and the prices were so good that I refuse to go anywhere else. I love the prices, quality of the food, and most of all the friendly people who work there!


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