The Inevitable Spring Cleaning

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For the first several years of married life I never had to do spring cleaning.  No, it was not because I was insanely blessed and had a maid.  It was because we lived in an apartment and every spring we had another baby and moved into a bigger apartment.  So once we settled in a house it never occurred to me to do spring cleaning.  Well, at least until I realized that the mini blinds were held together with dust and that the color of the rocks on the fireplace had changed (sporting the color of DUST).

Cute check off lists by room

Martha Stewart

Short cuts from Real Simple

Full Spring Cleaning in 8 Hours

Make your own cleaning solution

Tips including how to clean mini blinds

10 Ways to make cleaning fun for kids

Not very many people enjoy spring cleaning, but it has to be done.  As you work imagine how beautiful your house will be and how nice it will smell!

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