Help Your Home Embrace The Spring

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Where has the winter gone? That’s a question that many of us may be asking these days, as an unusually cold season starts to give way, already, to spring. Even before you got used to shoveling the driveway or bundling up in gloves and a scarf, the calendar has turned, the days have grown longer, and even warmer weather is close at hand. There’s no question about it: ready or not, spring is almost here.

Spring can epitomize different things for different people. It can mean the start of baseball season or a vacation on the beach. It can bring to mind images of planting flower in the garden or going for bike rides. But even while you and your family are busy enjoy the upcoming spring, don’t forget to take some time and insure that your house enjoys the season, too. After all, the spring is a time for attitudes, activities, and wardrobes that break from the winter mold – both for people and for the homes in which they reside.

Spring  So make sure to budget a week this spring to help your home fully embrace the season. This requires more than simply flinging open your windows and setting out a St Patricks Day gift basket on your kitchen table. Here are some projects you may want to consider:

Spring  Clean the House

Nothing says spring like a weekend of spring cleaning, and there’s really no better way to prepare your home for warm weather than by scrubbing the place of its winter residue. Clean the floors and the fridge, hold a yard sale for junk you’ve been hoarding in the basement, and give the bathrooms a careful washing. Your home will look and feel refreshed – a perfect antidote to the stuffiness of winter.

Bring in the Spring   Sun

It’s pretty difficult to embrace the spring without seeking out sun whenever possible. Towards this end, try to take concerted steps to make your home lighter, airier, and sunnier this season. Clear the windows of drapes and other obstructionist materials. Put a white coat of paint on common area walls that receive sunlight. And, of course, you can always install a skylight or embark on a project to increase your amount of exposed glass.

Go Green this Spring  

Going green usually entails implementing measures to make your home a more eco-friendly place. While this is certainly an admirable undertaking, you can also embrace spring by going green on a literal level – and adding indoor plants to your home. There are a variety of indoor plants that can work well with any décor, among them the ficus tree, Chamaedorea palm, and Amaryllis flower. If you enjoy gardening outdoors during the spring season, there’s no reason to get some indoor plants while you’re at it and bring that color into your home.

These are just a few tips for helping your house embrace the coming spring. While spring is often a season best spent outdoors and away from the home, this should not be interpreted to mean that your residence shouldn’t be just as refreshed, renewed, and revitalized by the warm weather as you are.

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