ClickN SPELL® Review

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Our current living situation has us (John, myself, Chloe and Finn) living with another family of two adults and two kids (S is 4 and E is 3). S and E are both in preschool and very excited about learning how to spell and eventually read. They enjoy playing with letter flashcards and proudly telling you their spaghetti for dinner starts with S.

ClickN KIDS® offers several phonics and spelling programs for children ranging in ages from preschooler to older students who struggle and even adults learning English as a second language. We chose to try the ClickN SPELL with S. His mom sat down with him to try the program out while I observed the session.


The ClickN SPELL program follows a skateboard riding cat into space. The cat presents you with words to spell. First, the cat shows the word. The child types it out while the word is still on the screen. The same words, or family of words, are repeated over and over to help your child remember that hat, for example, starts with an H sound. Once the words are repeated for a while, the cat says the word without presenting the letters on the screen. Your child then types the words by sounding them out. This was a bit advanced for S, but he still had fun.

The program used wonderfully bright colors and fun animations in an enticing art style to keep the kids engaged. I loved that the program uses lots of repetition. I was part way to my Masters in Elementary Education before Finn was born and I decided to take a hiatus from it. One thing that I strongly remember from that class (and from my retired teacher mother) is repetition is key.

I would definitely recommend ClickN SPELL for parents with young children. In an age when technology is king, it’s easy to get kids actively involved in their own education when you motivate them with a computer game. And best of all the company offers a 60-day money back guarantee! So if you try it out and don’t love it, you haven’t lost anything.

ClickN SPELL is available through the ClickN KIDS® website. You can also follow ClickN KIDS® on Facebook and Twitter.

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