My Twinn Review

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When Amber at Parent Palace asked me to review a My Twinn Doll for her (she doesn’t have any little girls), I was really excited! It was really hard to choose which girl I should get the doll for, but I finally decided on Sapphire. She is the youngest, and while I know my middle daughter would have loved a doll just like her (they even copy their birthmarks!), I knew she wouldn’t play with it much. I think these dolls would be great for kids of all ages, because even if they don’t play with dolls they can put it up on a shelf and have it to show off to their friends. Also, having a doll that looks just like you is kind of awesome, so it will be cherished for years to come!

The entire process only took a few weeks. I sent My Twinn a picture of Sapphire, and filled out a questionnaire about her. It was really simple because she doesn’t have any freckles or birthmarks, but I love that My Twinn will add freckles exactly where your daughter has freckles. They even have boy dolls available at special request!

After I sent a picture in and filled out the form, I was emailed each time there was a status update on my order. As far as shipping is concerned, the site states: “Dolls take 3 weeks to create once completed profile information is received. Need it quicker? Choose the RUSH option and for an extra $40.00, your doll will be created within 7 business days.” It didn’t take that long for Ruby to be delivered to us. She came in a nice sturdy box, and was a lot bigger than I expected her to be – which is a good thing!

This is a picture of Sapphire with Ruby. While they look similar, I think the doll looks much older. Like, if Sapphire looks the same when she’s 20, maybe she and the doll will look like twins. But for now, it just looks like a doll that kind of resembles her. The nose and lips are perfect, and the hair is too. The doll is soft, except for the arms, feet, and head. Ruby is also bendable/flexible which is nice. The dolls that are stiff are no fun to hold.

Sapphire takes Ruby everywhere. Any time I want to take a picture, she wants Ruby in it.

My Twinn has doll furniture, clothing, and even a doll hospital, which would be perfect for a little girl who dreams of being a doctor. I think these dolls are great for helping to boost self-esteem. When we are out and about, and someone compliments the doll, it’s like they are complimenting Sapphire. She is glowing, and smiling from ear to ear – knowing that because they think the doll is pretty, they think she is pretty as well. It’s nice to see her get excited over something like that.

While the doll is a bit expensive for my taste, and is not something I’d normally purchase, I still think it’s a great concept. The final cost of the doll was about $149 plus $15.95 shipping (a little extra if I would have chosen a matching outfit for Sapphire.)Sapphire and Ruby are best friends, and to me, that is priceless.
Review by: Sadie Lankford from Randomosity


  1. MaryJo says

    I had a very negative experience with My Twinn; I tried to order my daughter a matching shirt out of a recently received catalog only to find out it was discontinued. Now I’m stuck with an expensive doll outfit that I can’t match. I’m still fighting with them to get this resolved. And yes I agree the eye color is off; Too much sparkle in the doll’s eye—not an acurate match.


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