Kiwi Crate: Review

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I love to have crafts and art projects for my kids to do, and my kids love doing them.  However, I have two problems:  one, I am not that great at coming up with ideas for crafts.  Two, I don’t have a ton of time to put together art projects for my kids.  The first problem can be solved by going online and finding project ideas, but the second problem, where I lack a lot of time, often gets in the way of those projects being completed.  Recently I had the opportunity to check out Kiwi Crate, a new activity kit for kids.  My boys and I were excited to give it a try!

What It Is

Kiwi Crate is an activity kit which is subscription-based and designed specifically for kids.  Every month the subscriber receives a box right on their doorstep, with all the activity ideas and supplies included right in the box.    There are many subscription options, such as month-to-month, annual, or gift subscriptions.  According to the information I was given, the projects in the kits range from arts and crafts to science experiments and imaginative play.  All activities are designed by parents, and then tested by kids to ensure they are developmentally appropriate.  The company states:

“Each month, Kiwi Crate provides families with hours of hands-on fun-delivered right to your doorstep!  Kiwi Crate is designed to offer the ultimate convenience for busy parents by providing all of the inspiration and materials needed to inspire creativity and curiosity.”

Each kit has a theme to it, so I went online to check out some of the themes.  There was a color crate, a dinosaur crate, and a gardening crate, for example.  For this review I was given a sample of the Color Crate.  Each crate also includes enough supplies for a child to create two projects.  After learning about Kiwi Crates, I was ready to let my kids try it for themselves.

Our Experience

Everything included

As I mentioned before, we were given the Color Crate to try out.  The two activities in the crate were making spinners and creating stained glass windows.  In order to make the spinners, there were two different shapes of wooden spinners provided, with paper overlays that could be colored in order to create your own spinner.  The boys colored some designs onto their paper shapes with the markers provided, and then placed the paper shapes onto the spinners.  They then spun the spinners to see how their creations looked.  To be honest, they weren’t too excited about this activity.  There wasn’t really a lot to it, and they quickly moved on.  To make the stained glass windows, there was some contact paper, cardboard picture frames, tissue paper squares, and colored plastic pieces.  Even the scissors were provided!  The boys were a little more into this project, and really enjoyed creating patterns with their tissue paper.  The activity only took about five minutes to complete, and they then were eager to hang their creations up in our window.  Neither project lasted very long, though I did feel that the boys could have taken more time to be creative in coloring the shapes for their spinners.


The Verdict


Coloring the spinners

First of all, when the kit arrived I noticed that it said the kit was for ages 3-6.  I definitely think the kit would be better suited more towards the 3-4 age range, and wouldn’t be as interesting to 5 and 6 year olds.  My youngest is 6, and though he enjoyed the activities over all, they weren’t something he wanted to dwell on.  I think the activities could have allowed for a little more creativity than they did.  Both projects were pretty straight forward and didn’t allow for much extension.  The pieces were pre-cut, and the spinners were already put together.  In my opinion, the kids would be able to get more involved and more creative if they were able to cut their own shapes, or maybe even put the spinners together themselves.  Being able to be just a little more involved would probably up their interest even more.  The company states that the activities are made to be open-ended and encourage curiosity and exploration, but I didn’t find that with this kit.  However, from what I viewed on their website, the other kits offered do seem to have a lot more to them.  What I did like about the kit was that they included all, and I do mean ALL, supplies that you would need.  Even scissors!  I love that you could just open the kit and get going, without having to purchase extra things first.  I also like how clear the instructions for each project were.


Purchasing Information


Stained glass project

Monthly subscriptions for Kiwi Crate are $19.95 per month and include shipping.  You can also sign up for a year’s subscription, which is priced at $220 and includes one free month.  Other gift packages are also available.   To learn more about Kiwi Crates, please visit their website HERE.  They also have a blog, which offers other activities you can try, and extensions for some of the crates.  To learn even more, connect with them on Twitter or Facebook!

*In order to facilitate this review, I was given a free Color Crate.  No other monetary compensation was given, and all opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.*



  1. says

    The kits come with 2 projects, you could easily split it up so each child has 1. However I believe – as I’m not the one who did the actual review on this, Amy did so I’m not 100% sure – that each project is designed for 1 child.

  2. debbie says

    does each kiwi kit accomodate one or two children. I have 2 kids and want to know if I would have to buy one for each or if one kit would be ok for the 2 of them.

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