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When I wake up in the morning I have “dragon breath”, at least that’s what my son calls it. He refuses to get within 10 feet of me until I brush, for fear of having his eyebrows singed off. The main cause of this is excessive drying of my mouth due to not drinking enough water (I’m assuming), but John will tell you it’s because I snore like a rhino. Potato / Poh-tah-toe (haha.) I use to be offended by this, but I’ve grown use to it. Now, I don’t have to worry about it as much, I’m no longer the Mommy Dragon in the morning. I received a delightful solution from TheraBreath that has both me and my son thanking them.

I received the TheraBreath Toothpaste, the TheraBreath Oral Rinse and the TheraBreath Mouth Wetting Lozenges. Therabreath  was created by Dr. Harold Katz as a premium oral care system at the California Breath Clinics. Over 1 million people have used this system since it went on the market in 1994. The formula has undergone many changes to make it the all in one “Dragon Breath” (my words, not theirs) solution it is today. The products in the line are made control the bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath. The Mouth Wetting Lozenges do just that, they help keep your mouth moist, to prevent the growth of that bacteria.

My take on the products are: I love them! I’ve tried a lot of different things to kill the morning breath and/or prevent it from occurring in the first place. The toothpaste (which you use on a dry brush) feels great on your gums, doesn’t have an overpowering flavor, and leaves your whole mouth feeling fresh and clean. Following that up with the mouthwash you’re good to go, and you want to smile. I’ve been using these products regularly since they arrived, and my entire family uses them as well.

I use the lozenges twice during the day and one right before bedtime. The first thing I found out was NOT to chew the lozenge. I have a habit of biting into anything I put in my mouth, cough drops are like candy and last only seconds. Biting into a lozenge releases all of the flavor at once, which isn’t a bad flavor, but can’t be compared to the effect of allowing it to dissolve (which I have since trained myself to do.)

None of the products contain alcohol, so there is no burning whatsoever. Not only that, but I’m comfortable with my child using it as well. He says his mouth feels like it’s been in the car wash after he brushes using the TheraBreath Toothpaste and rinsing with the Oral Rinse.  As a parent, I can highly recommend this line of oral care to anyone and everyone (they are diabetic safe as well!)

You can purchase TheraBreath Products on their website, or at a number of other retailers. You can also connect with them on Twitter and Facebook!


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