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Healthy Indulgence with VitaTops MuffinTops

  As a single mom on the go, I am constantly trying to balance my CRAZY busy lifestyle and staying healthy, while still enjoying life.  Mornings are often the craziest times for me.  With two girls in two different schools, I’m up at 5 am and sometimes I feel like I don’t even breathe until […]

Monarch Butterfly, Milkweed Mania

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* This post is not sponsored. I’m sharing because it’s really cool and I hope you will enjoy! Do your kiddos love butterflies?  Mine sure do! They get SO excited if a monarch happens to pass through and lay eggs on the milkweed that their grandpa plants in his yard just to attract them – […]

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Do You Feed Your Kids “Kid Food”?

Do you feed your kiddos “kid food”?  I know I definitely do sometimes – when I’m too exhausted to do anything else but order in! But I do have to say, I do encourage my kids to try anything and everything, and when we do go out, I encourage them to try new things – […]


The Joys and Challenges of Being a Single Parent

* This post has been sponsored.   I had a rough day on Friday.  I mean, a really rough day.  My youngest has her normal 359 pounds of things packed to go to her dad’s.  I got my older daughter to school a little late.  Then work ran long.  Like I ended up leaving an […]

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Nature Made® Vitamins: Helping Parents Get Healthy

This post was sponsored by Nature Made as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. When your a mom, sometimes you come last. Behind running kids to sports practices, help with homework, laundry, work, and all the other things that take priority in our […]

Photo of little boy having mouth checkup in dental clinic

Pediatric Dental Care: Why You Should Start Them Young

Does pediatric dental care really matter? After all, kids are just going to lose their baby teeth anyway. Shouldn’t parents just save money on visits to the dentist and dental insurance coverage and wait to start their children on a dental care plan until permanent teeth have come in? These questions are among the ones […]

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